Internet interconnection points

The telecommunications network is structured through the activation of Points of Presence (PoP) in the territory, interconnected as neutral Internet interconnection points (IX, Internet eXchange).

The PoPIX are open to participation and interconnection of all telecommunication operators offering telecommunication services in the area where they are located.

They are open to any operator on equal terms and any operator can joinand interconnect with the PoPIX.

It is possible to activate new PoPIXs in different areas and to interconnect them with existing ones via fiber optic backhaul links. It is also possible to integrate existing points to form part of the model, generating an improvement due to the economy of scale that favors all participants and the territory.

The network of Neutral Internet Access Points distributed throughout the territory favors and improves access to new generation, high bandwidth telecommunications and Internet, and is a driving force for the local economy.