The telecommunications network

An infrastructure in Common Good format

The main project of the guifi· net  Foundation is the construction of a joint telecommunication infrastructure, the open, free and neutral network. The guifi· net  network is a Common Good, a set of resources that forms the communal telecommunications network, a shared network and for the benefit of all people.

guifi· net  is a telecommunications infrastructure of general interest, open to all persons who want to be users and to all telecommunications operators under equal conditions.

A network for the defense of the Human Right to Access the Internet as a basic tool for social action and inclusion that promotes social, solidarity and collaborative economy, and develops the information and communication society.

The  guifi· net  network is ...

  • Open, the knowledge about the network and its access is public and available to interested people to promote its maintenance and growth, avoiding technological and operational dependecies on the infrastructure.

  • Free, it provides people with opportunities to make effective the right of access to the Internet, recognized as a Human Right by the UN allowing all people to participate, without discrimination.

  • Neutral, the network infrastructure is neutral in relation to the content and services that can be offered over the network.

  • Collective, different people participate in the network, managing and operating it as a Common Good. Installers, maintainers, service operators, private individuals, etc who accredit their relationship through agreements with the Foundation.