guifi·net Fundation

              The objectives of the  guifi· net  Foundation ar as follows:

              • To promote and encourage the development of open, universal and non-discriminatory information and communication network infrastructures.

              • To promote and foster the universal right to communication and information, to the exchange of knowledge, to freedom of expression and to the public and private exchange of opinions and information through open networks and infrastructures.

              • Promote and encourage the right of access to the Internet, regardless of where you live, by helping to develop a society without a digital divide for socio-economic or residence reasons.

              • Promote and foster the right to open, non-patented and non-discriminatory technological standards, such as unnecessary complexity in equipment and software.

              • Promote advanced research in the field of open networks and infrastructures.

              • Generate platforms for collaboration between civil society, the public and private sectors.

              • Establish relationships and collaborations with people and entities related to the objectives of the Foundation, participating in joint projects.

              • Promote the defense of radio space management in order to achieve regulations that facilitate the right to have open networks, promoting the existence of spaces that do not require licenses, seeking a good common management and avoiding the saturation of unlicensed frequency bands by closed networks that use them exclusively.

              • Elaborate, edit, publish and disseminate studies, proposals andanalyses related to the aims of the Foundation and organize courses, seminars, conferences or materials to disseminate the foundational objectives.