guifi·net Foundation

guifi· net  began in 2004 as a technological telecommunications project in the region of Osona (Catalonia) to solve the difficulties of broadband Internet access in rural areas due to the lack of interest of traditional operators in providing services. Through radio links using WiFi routers, by means of self-organisation of neighbours who voluntarily deployed the network to interconnect different geographical points, Internet access was provided to homes, offices, farms, publicbuildings, etc. Over the years the project was growing and the Generalitat de Catalunya awarded it the National Telecommunications Prize in 2007.

The Foundation was born in 2008 thanks to a group of guifi.net users whodecided to organize themselves to promote and develop the network withthe aim of making it an infrastructure under equal conditions for everyone.

Since 2009, the Open, Free and Neutral  guifi· net  network counts on systems oriented to transparency, maintenance and improvement of infrastructure and its management as a Common Good, a fact that was rewarded with the European Commission's Broadband Award in 2015, in the category of Innovative Financing, Business and Investment Model. In 2016, the Foundation promoted the implementation of coordination mechanisms in collaboration with local authorities, entities and companies that offer Internet access services and users of the guifi· net  network.

Currently, we are in a period of growth.

We defend the Human Right to Internet Access through a social and collaborative economic model, and we believe in people as the engine of transformation and change.