About us


guifi· net  began in 2004 as a telecommunication technologic project in Osona (Catalunya), to solve the difficulties to access on Internet of broadband to rural areas due to the lack of interest of traditional operators to offer services. Through radio links and self-organization of neighbors who voluntarily deployed the network, they interconnected differents geographical points in order to have access to the Internet in homes, offices, farms, public buildings, .... The project had grew up and Generalitat de Catalunya awarded him the National Telecommunication Prize in 2007. 

The Foundation was created in 2008 thanks to a group of guifi·net users who decided to organize themselves to promote and develop the network with the desire to be a an infrastructure in equal conditions for all people. 

Since 2009, guifi· net  network has systems oriented to the transparecny, maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure and its management as a Common Good,  which had the Broadband Prize of the European Commission in 2015, in the category of Innovative model of financing, business and investment. From the Foundation we promote the application of coordination mechanisms in collaboration with local administrations, entities and companies uthat offer Internet access services and users of guifi· net network.

Currently, we are in a moment of growth. 

We defend the Human Right to Access to Internet through a social and collaborative economic model, and we believe in people as the engine of transformation and change.