Economic model 

In we build and develop a model of solidarity and collaborative economy on the Free, Open and Neutral Commons Network. In this context, telecommunication infrastructure is a public good and a common resource, open and available to everyone, on equal terms, on which the different participants can offer their services.     

Presentation of the Collaborative Economy Model on the Commons Network:


Compensation system for maintenance and improvement

The susscess and sustainability of the maintenance and improvement of the guifi·net network infrastructure is based on a collective, efficient and coordinated management of the network.

The compensation system applies objective criteria in the recognition ofexpenses and in the proportionality of the allocation of these to the participating operators and maintainers based on the use of the networkinfrastructure as a common asset.

Agreement for the performance of economic activity in the commons network and participation in the compensation system

The companies, professionals and organizations interested in havingeconomic activity using the guifi·net commons network sign acollaboration agreement between participants and enter the compensation system.


Framework agreement for collaboration with public administrations

Proposal for a framework agreement with public administrationsinterested in collaborating with the project to improvetelecommunications in their area.


Framework agreement of collaboration with individuals, companies, entities, ...

Proposal for a framework agreement with individuals and legal entitiesinterested in collaborating with the project who do not carry out economic activity or who are not public administrations.


Regulation of the dispute settlement procedure

If conflicts arise between different participants, there are different mechanisms and steps aimet at resolving them.

Sponsorship collaboration agreement

Business collaborate with non-profit organizations that benefit from Law 49/2002 through three types of private patronage contributions:

  • Donations

  • Businness collaboratiion agreements

  • Sponsorships

The Foundation studies proposals for business collaboration and sponsorship in activities of general interest within the framework of the social objectives and purposes.

In the proposal, the written commitment between the business and the Foundation is detailed, and the collaboration agreement includes: the consent between the business and the Foundation, the amount of the financial aid and the conditions and means through which the collaboration will be disseminated.

Proposal for a municipal ordinance for the deployment of access networks to new generation telecommunications services in universal format

Suitable for local administrations interested in promoting the deployment of access networks to broadband telecommunications services.