Internet access through the Guifi·net network

The private Foundation for the Open, Free and Neutral Network, guifi·net in a non-profit organization of general interest.

It was constituted by founding charter on July 11, 2018

It is registered in:

  • Register of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya, number 2550

  • Register or Non-Governmental Organizations for the Development of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, number 335

  • Register of Telecommunications Operators of the National Commission of Market and Competition

  • Census of Volunteering Entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The Foundation was born with the aim of promoting an open, free and neutral common telecommunications network based on a commons model.  

We are a team of passionate people who work to build a solidarity, sustainable and local alternative, with innovative technological solutions that promote access to the Internet without discrimination.

Several telecommunication operators participate in the networkand offer their services using the network to improve Internet access bybuilding a large telecommunication network to increase alternatives inthe territory. is a project open to everyone so that they can use it toconnect or, if you are a telecommunications operator or serviceprovider, so that you can offer them to people who use the network, thusimproving the possibilities of users, enabling to choose betweendifferent operators and different service offers and optimizing theopportunities and skills of the operators through the improvement oftheir markets and the capacities provided by the collaborative economy.

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