Commons Network

The main project at the guifi·net Foundation is the development of a commons-based telecommunication infrastructure: the Free, Open and Neutral Network (FONN). It is a commons-based telecommunication resources pool.
You can read more about this project in the Commons Network page.

Neutral Exchange Point

The achievement of a commons-based broadband telecommunication network is structured through the activation of Points of Presence (PoPs) along the territory, that become true Neutral Internet Exchange Points (IXs). The guifi·net PoPs are open to the participation and interconnection of all the operators.
You can read more about this project in the Neutral Exchange Point page.

Compensations Model

The Compensations Model project fosters the investment on commons-based telecommunication infrastructures and enables a fair return at both the social and economic levels. It allows the application of objective criteria for the network maintenance and improvement that make the management of this infrastructure as a common pool resource in an effective and efficient way.
You can read more about this project in the Compensations Model page.

Research and European Projects

The guifi·net Foundation takes part in several research and development projects in the telecommunications, networking, sustainable development and citizen participation areas. During the last years and currently we have partnered with leading institutions, at both the local and the European level.
You can read more about this project in the Research and European Projects page.